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Aura Cleansing-What is it and why you should do it?

Aura Cleansing, What is it and Why Should You do it?

You know how you go to the hairdresser every once in a while and they wash your hair? It’s nice, isn’t it? You get all refreshed and rejuvenated, at least for a few days. Well, just like we need to clean our bodies and clothes, so too does our aura need to be regularly cleansed of the negative energies that surround us on a daily basis. In this article we will give you an introduction to aura cleansing, its benefits, and the ways of this simple ritual.

What is aura cleansing?

In esoteric psychology and many magical systems including Wicca, aura cleansing is a way to heal yourself. An aura can be thought of as a layer of energy that surrounds all living things. Although we can’t see our own or others’ auras with our naked eyes (we would need an instrument for that), many believe that people with special psychic abilities such as mediums or psychics can sense them. Besides being seen by psychics, you can also feel your own aura through various methods such as visualizing it surrounding you like an egg-shaped bubble in front of your body while holding your hands up and slowly moving them around you.

Benefits of aura cleansing

An aura is an extension of your own personal energy field. Every living thing has one. When energy becomes blocked in your aura, you can have negative feelings about yourself or have trouble getting along with others. An aura cleansing can help remedy these problems. By removing blocked energy from your personal aura, you can feel more relaxed as well as have an increased sense of self-confidence and optimism towards life. Aura cleansing not only benefits you by improving your health but also helps those around you who may be affected by negative energy coming from you. The best part about aura cleansing is that there are no side effects or dangers to worry about. Since any negative energy being removed has already been created within yourself, you won’t affect anyone else by having a clean aura!

How to cleanse your own aura

People living in industrialized societies tend to be surrounded by electromagnetic radiation emitted from computers, televisions, mobile phones and other electronics. Our bodies are around 60 percent water and anything that disrupts our energy flow affects our health. By cleansing your aura on a regular basis you can reduce exposure to potentially harmful radiation by as much as 90 percent. Here’s how: Take a deep breath; close your eyes; visualize white light entering your body through your crown chakra (the top of your head) moving down to clear negative energy; then repeat seven times. When you’ve finished performing cleansing rituals regularly for a few weeks you should notice clearer thinking, increased alertness and an overall feeling of well-being.

Things you should be aware of when cleansing other people’s auras

Firstly, make sure you have fully cleansed your own aura. If you have negative emotions trapped in your body (yes I’m talking about anger and stress) then these negative emotions can be absorbed by other people around you. For example, if I am angry with someone, they may pick up on my bad vibe unconsciously. This could cause them to feel less confident or even upset with me. The same thing goes for sadness or any other emotion that we are experiencing but not aware of ourselves. So make sure to release those bad feelings before attempting to cleanse others! Secondly, cleanse people one at a time if possible so that you don’t get bombarded by too many different types of energies at once which will likely overwhelm both yourself and your subject!

What to expect from an aura cleansing session?

Aura cleansing is an effective way to align your energy centers with your intentions. Most people feel lighter after a session. Sometimes they fall asleep or have vivid dreams due to heightened relaxation and release of blockages during their session. When they wake up they often feel rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever comes their way in life. Clients often report a feeling of empowerment after an aura cleansing session as well as increased confidence that helps them handle situations more effectively both at work and home. Some clients experience heightened creativity and intuition after their session but many also notice decreased emotional reactivity or sensitivity to stress.

Ways to cleanse your aura

Use crystals to cleanse your aura. Crystals are natural healers that can help cleanse your aura naturally. By using crystals such as Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz near you or in your environment you will be able to feel more balanced and at peace with yourself. Breathe clear energy: Incorporate prana breathing into your daily routine; prana breathing sends clear energy throughout your body helping calm any negative thoughts or emotions surrounding you. Meditate: Many people think meditation has to be done a certain way but meditation can mean many things for many people. Meditation can help block out all of those negative energies around you making you feel more positive about yourself and others around you. Remember to always stay true to what makes you feel good both physically and mentally when trying new meditations!

Final Thoughts

Aura cleansing is a simple technique that will help you clear away any negative energy around you or in your body. It’s also very easy to learn! There are a few steps you can take to make sure aura cleansing has maximum effect. However, aura cleansing should not be used as a replacement for conventional medical attention or medication.

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