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The Power of Reiki Energy Healing

The Power of Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki? Reiki healing energy comes from the Japanese word meaning universal life force energy and it’s usually translated as the universal energy or spiritual energy. This healing technique utilizes chakra points (located along the body’s meridians) to relieve stress, soothe physical pain, release trauma, and restore balance to both body and mind.

What Is Reiki Energy Healing?

First, what is reiki energy healing? Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing that involves applying gentle palm pressure to specific points on your body in order to create a flow and balance of universal life force energy. During a typical reiki session, you’ll be asked to lie down on a massage table (you can also be seated or standing) while your practitioner places their hands lightly on various positions on your head, neck, torso, and limbs. In most cases, reiki practitioners are adept at tuning in to an individual’s life force energy and intuitively knowing where they need to place their hands.

How Can It Help You?

If you’re not familiar with reiki, it is a form of energy healing in which practitioners transfer energy to patients via touch. The word rei means universal and ki means life force. The treatment might also be called reiki, and practitioners are often referred to as practitioners or healers. Energy healing is nothing new; it was used in Japanese medicine centuries ago, although we don’t know its exact origins. In Western culture, it has been gaining popularity for decades now but has only become mainstream in recent years (Reiki Masters are some of their most popular clients). A growing body of research supports energy healing as an effective treatment for many conditions including anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation.

“Reiki Healing wakes up the Emotional and Spiritual body bringing up and releasing emotions that have been supressed for years”

Karolina Mankowski-RMT

Why Is It Beneficial to Get Regular Treatments?

We live in a stressful world with so many external factors pushing and pulling on us from every angle. It can be incredibly difficult to maintain a sense of balance and inner peace amidst all that chaos. Energy healing treatments are becoming more and more popular as people seek ways to calm their minds, restore their bodies, and find true relaxation in an otherwise chaotic life. There are a number of different kinds of energy healing therapies, but one type is particularly powerful: reiki energy healing. What is Reiki energy healing? Why should you consider adding it to your health regimen? These questions—and more—are answered below!

Is This Just New Age Woo Woo?

Most people have heard about Reiki, but aren’t sure what it is or if it’s even real. Simply put, Reiki is a form of alternative healing that involves balancing and harmonizing your body’s energy centers through an ancient touch method. If you can imagine a living energy source running through all parts of your body—similar to electricity flowing throughout a home—then you can understand how vital energy is to your health and wellbeing. And as with anything electrical in nature, sometimes there are kinks in its flow that cause disturbances or blockages. It’s these disruptions that can lead to pain and illness and explain why some people feel much better after receiving Reiki treatments while others report no effects at all.

What If I Need Treatment for A Specific Problem?

Having a spiritual guide or Master is not essential to receive healing, but having access to one can be very beneficial. One reason for finding a mentor is because it’s someone you can talk to about your problems and get advice from on your personal experiences with Reiki. It also provides accountability, which is a great way to keep yourself focused on treating yourself regularly. Another benefit is that some masters can work with more powerful energy than others; meaning if you have a serious illness or injury and are looking for quicker results, you might want to look into an advanced master. Some masters even do distance treatments which make treatment much easier!

How Often Should I Have A Session?

You can receive Reiki as often as you would like. Reiki can do no harm. Generally, Reiki is most effective when it is used on a regular basis for ongoing maintenance. If you have an acute issue that needs immediate attention, however, then you may need sessions more frequently at first. Sessions can be once a week or daily if necessary. After time passes and your needs change, you may return to weekly sessions as normal.

Reiki and Chakras

The seven chakras (energy centers) in our body are governed by either a positive or negative vibration, and reiki can help eliminate these imbalances. For example, if you have an area in your back that hurts when you reach up, your sacral chakra may be out of balance. A reiki healer can use a combination of hand placement and breathwork to rebalance your energy centers so that your pain will subside. By identifying where there’s an imbalance within yourself and then working with a reiki healer to rectify it, you might discover that aches and pains that have been bothering you for years suddenly vanish. After all, energy healing is all about restoring balance to various areas of your life!

Final Thoughts

Everyone feels stress or tension at some point in their lives. When you find yourself in a stressed-out state, try taking 10 minutes out of your day to do reiki energy healing on yourself and/or others. Whether it’s offered in class as an elective or you have a friend who is trained to do it, learning how to use reiki energy healing can bring many benefits into your life. With consistent use, many people say they feel more relaxed and happier throughout their daily lives.


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Karolina Mankowski
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