What is an Angel Card Reading?

What is an Angel Card Reading?

Angel card reading involves looking at a set of twenty-four cards, each with an angelic picture on it. Each picture has meaning beyond the visual, so your angel card reader will choose twelve cards for you to look at, according to your needs and the questions you ask about the future. The information in those cards will give you guidance on what is coming up in your life and how you can act to improve it now and in the future.

What is an angel card reading?

A good angel card reading can be life-changing, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for. At its most basic level, a reading will allow you to gain clarity on a specific situation in your life—what do you want from your career, relationship or family? What kind of guidance do you need from your guides and angels? However, these readings are more than just about getting answers.

How to read angel cards?

Before you begin to read angel cards, ask yourself a few questions: What do I hope to gain from doing so? Do I have a goal or outcome in mind that I’d like to connect with through my reading? This can be very powerful!

What do angel cards mean?

Angel cards are similar to tarot cards in that they’re designed for personal insight and guidance. Angel card readings are used by clairvoyants (psychics who can tap into your angelic guides) to give spiritual guidance, meaning, and direction to clients. When you receive a reading, your designated guide will ask you specific questions pertaining to your problems and how they want you to solve them. The result: You feel better equipped with all of life’s issues after receiving advice from a trusted source.

How are angel cards different from tarot cards?

Instead of being based on centuries-old traditions and pagan legends, angel cards are a relatively new form of divination. Created by Doreen Virtue in 1992, they’re much more religious than tarot cards and rely solely on Christian symbolism and imagery.

What can I expect from an Angel Card Reading?

Angels are messenger beings who deliver divine messages of love and guidance to you. The information delivered to you through your angel card reading can help guide you in making important decisions or choices in your life. A professional angel card reader can help point out signs from your angels that you may have otherwise overlooked. As with any kind of consultation, it’s important to feel comfortable with a reader before moving forward with a reading session.

Reasons for getting an Angel card reading

You may be asking yourself, Why would I get an angel card reading? The answer is simple: because you want to know what your angels have to say. Your angels are a source of guidance and inspiration that can help you through life’s most difficult times. When you feel lost or are struggling with a decision, turn to your angels for guidance. They will help lead you down a path of love and light.

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